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  • potpora plodnosti

  • potpora plodnosti

  • potpora plodnosti

  • Potpora plodnosti: akupunktura za plodnost
  • Potpora plodnosti: 8-tjedni program
  • Potpora plodnosti: masaža za plodnost
  • Potpora plodnosti: Fertile body method

Fertility support

Potpora plodnostiAre you experiencing any of these conditions, often accompanying the experience of infertility: stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, isolation?

If you’re confused and don’t know what direction to take, which way to go, where to look for more answers and possible causes?

If the answer is yes, we can help you.

The number of couples experiencing infertility today has been growing rapidly. Assisted reproduction is often an extremely stressful and a physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting process, especially when it involves IVF.

Together with strong support from your doctor, you often need support on a non-medical plan. This is why we designed a program for all those dealing with infertility. You can take part in the program lasting 12 weeks, under a close supervision of a team of experts, or you can select only a portion of the services we offer so that you feel supported and strengthened on the road to parenthood.

  • Petra Brzović, a certified yoga teacher, Fertile Body Method therapist, clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist, doula and aromatherapist specializing in women’s health
  • Suzana Tomašević, Master of Science in Nutrition
  • Zrinka Orešković, M. D., acupuncturist
  • Ulla Marton,M.D., obstetrician and gynecologist
  • Liona Brzović, Fertility massage therapist

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program ‘fertility support’

fertility support

  • provides a safe place when dealing with emotions that occur in infertility and prepares couples for the process of assisted reproduction under the professional guidance of a therapist
  • thanks to special methods, it helps to increase the possibility of conception and mitigate the negative effects of infertility
  • reduces the sense of isolation and connects you with others who are also facing the problem of infertility
  • helps you learn how to deal with stress through specific methods of relaxation under the guidance and support of an instructor and therapist,
    makes the body healthy, supple and strong through targeted exercises
  • promotes healthy lifestyle changes and diet to strengthen fertility
  • helps partners improve their relationship through partner yoga and psychological counseling
  • Thai massage therapists help to passively relax the body and mind

Studies have shown that the inclusion of support programs for the body and mind while undergoing assisted reproduction increases the chances for conception regardless of the cause of infertility.

Every couple facing infertility is special and different, both in their physical and psycho-emotional specifics. Therefore, this program cannot give you answers to the question of what your way to pregnancy will be like and when it will end. What we can guarantee is that we will do whatever we can to provide support and help you do everything that is in your power to become parents.

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