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6-week program

zivia jogaTo maximally prepare yourself for pregnancy you can  join our 6-week program during which whole team of experts help you make all changes needed. You may choose the whole 6-week program or you may choose some of it’s parts.

Yoga, meditation, visualization

Yoga has a beneficial effect on the reproductive health of women who want to conceive, given that, among other things, it tones and strengthens the muscles that support the reproductive organs and improves the posture of the spine as well as the quality of breathing. It enables better circulation, including that in the sacral and lumbar area, the pelvic floor and the organs located there. For women who use drugs, proper breathing also helps the body rid itself of the toxic effects of drugs.

On the energy plan, certain yoga positions further increase the flow of energy through the second chakra area where the reproductive organs are. They help relieve tension in the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes in women and in the pelvic area in men.

In addition, yoga helps to balance the unbalanced hormone levels in the body, which may be one of the causes of infertility.

While vigorous exercise can seriously affect fertility, yoga, a gentle form of exercise, brings only benefits.

Stress can significantly affect the menstrual cycle in women and the production of sperm in men. The emotional benefits of yoga reduce stress and anxiety, increasing the chances of conception. Yoga helps the body deal with stress that inevitably occurs when a woman fails to get pregnant or to keep the pregnancy. More emotions of endless pain and sadness, together with feelings of helplessness and anger, brings much stress on the physical level, weakening the immune system and creating an hostile environment for the adoption of new life. Thanks to a combination of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, the body rids itself of toxins and reduces the negative impact of stress on the whole system.

Through yoga, we get to know our body in a new way – our body becomes our ally and friend rather than a source oflet-down, as many women often feel after repeatedly failing to conceive.


partner jogaThe process of conceiving includes two – infertility often puts tremendous pressure on couples – many new emotions appear, together with doubting and blaming it (consciously or unconsciously) on the other. Partner yoga connects partners in a non-sexual way, strengthening mutual trust and removing the tension that the process of getting pregnant in this case brings.


heart-603214Fertile Body method is a combination of hypnotherapy and other “Body & Mind” techniques to identify and resolve mental, emotional and physical factors that affect fertility and reduce the negative effects of infertility.

Given that there are many factors affecting fertility, an integrated approach that includes physical, mental and emotional components, can bring much better results than a purely conventional one, and help cope with the problem of infertility. Besides being one of the most effective tools that trains the mind to support the body in the conception and birth process, hypnotherapy will also help you deal with the experience of infertility.

Fertility problems can arise when the mind and body lose their natural state of balance. This imbalance can be caused by mental, emotional, spiritual and physical factors, which are or aren’t connected to each other. It can be influenced by internal and external factors at the same time.

žena i maslačakFertile Body Method uses hypnotherapy and other “Body & Mind” techniques designed to identify and resolve issues which can affect fertility, as well as to teach a person to deal with infertility. Because each person is unique, and the circumstances vary, therapy is tailored to each person individually in order to achieve the desired target.

Natural conception

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and increase the feeling of calmness and relaxation. In addition, it helps to restore confidence in yourself and your body. Under hypnosis, we gain insight into our subconscious mind which allows us to get rid of what may exist as a barrier to conception and parenting.

Hypnotherapy can help natural conception by reducing stress and returning the body to a state of emotional, mental and physical balance and well-being.

IVF, ICSI and Other Assisted Reproduction Methods

The state of hypnosis also facilitates and enhances the effects of positive visualization. If you are about to begin a cycle of assisted reproduction, hypnotherapy can help you feel mentally, emotionally and physically ready. It is a very powerful way to overcome fears and phobias that could affect the process, such as the fear of failure of fertilization, fear of injections or childbirth.

Research shows that relaxation techniques and visualization increase the efficiency of IVF procedures, and hypnosis during embryo transfer doubles the possibility for the success of the procedure.

Hypnotherapy can provide support during each stage of the process, and also provides an opportunity to learn very simple techniques that you can practice on your own. It also helps in dealing with difficult and challenging times.


akupunktura trudnicaA whole array of physical and psychological factors can cause problems in normal conception. From physical problems in women, mostly concerning menstrual irregularities, absence of menstruation, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, lack of ovulation and hormonal imbalance, to the most common problem of poor sperm quality or quantities in men.For both sexes a major problem of our time is the mental stress as well as the poor diet and lack of physical activity, which in turn weaken the immune system.

Acupuncture can treat all the mentioned conditions and help achieve the balance of the body, often leading to a spontaneous conception. In case you are planning insemination, acupuncture is used before the application of the procedure in order to prepare the body for it and increase the chances of success of the procedure.


hrana za plodnostMore than a quarter of couples have trouble conceiving due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Nutrition is an essential element on which we build health. A healthy and balanced diet is aprecondition for a healthy body, ensuring its proper functioning and hormonal balance.

A balanced diet means that every cell of the body is receiving an ideal amount of all the necessary nutrients for hormonal balance.

The first class includes a discussion of the most important links between diet and conception, about what to eat to achieve hormonal balance of the body and improve fertility and fertilization.

The topics are as follows:

  • The Importance of Diet for Hormonal Balance
  • ABCs of Nutrition – What Does Our Body Need
  • Reproductive Cells Health – “Cellular Nutrition”
  • Oxidative Stress and its Consequences
  • The Influence of Body Weight (TT – BF)
  • Vitamin – Mineral Balance of the Organism

Diet evaluation includes:

  • Measurement of Vitamin -Mineral Status of the Organism
  • Analysis of Body Weight (BW-BF)
  • Nutrition Questionnaire –Personal History
  • Analysis of the Parameters and Individual Consultations
  • Follow-Up – Monthly Check-Ups

Creating an individual dietplan is made at the request of the client.


Massage for fertility is a complex form of massage that involves more beneficial massage techniques. Thanks to the synergy of various Oriental massage techniques, this body massage ensures a sense of deep relaxation and peace, regulates hormone production and improves circulation, especially in the area of ​​pelvis and back. Special massage movements relax muscles and joints, cleanse the lymph and help the body rid itself of toxins (including those caused by drug treatments). Massage helps to remove the effects of stress on the physical, emotional and mental level.

par i dijete podrška plodnostiEvery couple facing infertility is special and different, both in their physical and psycho-emotional specifics. Therefore, this program cannot answer the question of what your path to pregnancy will be like and when it will end. What we can guarantee is that we will do whatever we can to provide support and help you do everything that is in your power to become parents.

Studies have shown that the inclusion of support programs for the body and mind while undergoing assisted reproduction increases the chances for conception regardless of the cause of infertility.

At the introductory consultations by phone or e-mail, we will introduce you to the program, answer questions and help to resolve your dilemmas. Following the consultations, we can shape the program according to your wishes and needs.



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