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  • trudnoća i majčinstvo
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  • trudnoća i majčinstvo
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Pregnancy and motherhood

Pregnancy is a period in which we want to give ourselves and our child the best care, support and attention – we teach you how!

Pregnancy and motherhoodPrenatal Yoga helps you become strong in pregnancy, during labor and postpartum period. We teach you to breathe properly and be in touch with your body.

The Childbirth Preparation Course and individual sessions helps you discover the factors that possibly stand in the way of turning your childbirth into an empowering and transforming experience. We teach you how to restore the strength and confidence in your body and yourself as a woman and mother, so that you can go into labor calm, self-confident and ready.

Postnatal Yoga classes help mothers get fit again after childbirth and pregnancy. Dynamic Mum and Baby Yoga classes help mothers get fit again after childbirthin the presence of their baby.

Massage during pregnancy and after delivery helps you to relax and release all the tension, pain and stress from your body, and aromatherapy helps you and your family stay healthy.



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