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Fertility support

Throughout our sessions of working together, I really feel that you have helped me a lot to think deeper about what my issues are and where they really come from. I feel that you really listened to everything I said and that you remembered things that I told you. You helped me to realize and believe that anything is possible and that there really are many possibilities and opportunities that I could be open to. You helped me to realize what my strengths are and that I am stronger than I usually think I am. You have definitely given me hope that things can change and that I have the power and control to change them... this is just something I need to work on. After every session with you, I have felt better, calmer, a little bit stronger and felt like I could make some changes right away, while I have that strength. I also really feel that you helped me to remember to concentrate on each moment, to try to forget about the past and the problems and to think positively about what I am hoping to achieve. I felt very comfortable talking to you and completely opening up to you and I feel that you really do respect my feelings and that you took everything seriously that was serious to me. I want to thank you so much for the time you spent with me and your friendship, your optimism, and your confidence in me.... as well as helping me to make some connections with others and trying to guide me in the direction that I hope to go in. After talking with you, I feel that anything is possible if I want it enough, especially having a child of my own. You make me feel like it's not too late and that I am ready for it, which I really think that I am.

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