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Testimonials: regresotherapy

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If you are already working on yourself, the therapy will most certainly give you an extra push and help you take the steps which would normally take you a lot more time and effort.
This is a good way to get some help from others but still do the work by yourself.
If you are just about to start working on yourself, the therapy will surely help you discover parts of yourself you are not yet aware of or cannot relate to at the moment.
The parts which definitely impact and create what you are at this moment.
The best part of the therapy is that you will also find parts of yourselves that will help you to become and achieve far more than what you currently are.
My experience with therapy could be briefly described as "expect the unexpected" but have no fear because Petra is there to help when things get too unexpected and when there is a need to find the answers to questions which might appear to be meaningless at first. I am glad I dared to take this journey of self-exploration and I am grateful to Petra for the milestones which made it quicker.

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Life has given me a great challenge - coping with the inability to become a biological mother... This experience is emotionally extremely difficult and demanding for me... However, at the same time, it poses a great challenge that is not always easy to face and which requires a lot of "conversations with yourself "... Petra was a big help on my journey... Petra is, first of all, a competent, warm, patient and loving person, and I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to work with her. I can only praise and recommend Petra and her work, in my case in form of fertility support, hypnotherapy and regression therapy, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to realize that, despite the unwanted and unpredictable challenges that that got in their way, life makes sense, and it’s possible to discover and accept some other scenarios in life and ultimately to realize how happy we are...

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A friend and her godmother, who only had words of praise, recommended Petra and her studio to me. So I decided to try something more to prepare my body for new life challenges and the pregnancy we had been working on for two years already. For us, medically assisted conception wasn’t an option, so we both turned to natural methods (yoga, food, anti-stress plans, detox...) to get to the desired goal. On top of that, I sought and found the causes and got treatment for several of my health problems - such as ulcer diagnosed at only 26 years of age. With Petra I tried hypnotherapy for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew very well what I wanted to work on and which problems I wanted to solve. The first therapy amazed me! I definitely didn’t expect something like that. It started out normally, but then it turned into regression therapy, and in the same treatment I released the burden I had carried with me for a long time, without being aware of it. I came out of treatment as light as a feather, happy and cheerful like I haven’t been for a long time! What’s funny, I really am lighter: I weigh half a pound less :D. Joking aside, I've always been a hyperactive and highly motivated person, but time and life, circumstances and work reduced me to a shadow of myself, an exhausted person without motivation as if life had been drained out of me. Now, I laugh from the heart, and I feel strength and joy inside of me that I have not felt for years! I'm sure the baby will follow soon. And who would get pregnant in the state I was in anyway? Now I finally feel I can create a new life! Thank you Petra from the heart!! :)))

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This workshop is "it“ - the thing I was looking for for a long time because I felt I needed to make a change and work on myself but I didn`t know how. I've read a lot about various methods and techniques, but only through this workshop I finally realized in which direction I wanted to go and how to make the desired changes in my life. I found my way and I am very grateful to Petra and her methods. Hypnotherapy was an additional, new, incredible experience and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they have a problem, but they do not know how to solve it. Only we can help ourselves and Petra is here to show us how and which methods we should use to come to solution.
Petra, I am happy you came to my life and helped me find my inner peace. Thank you…

Dejan Markovic


A big thank you for the great help.

I came to Petra with pain in the chest. After hypnotherapy and regresotherapy most of the pain and sensations were gone. Due to living abroad, I could not attend more than twice.

For me the biggest problem were the emotions and traumas from the past and we solved them very easy and painless. Moreover, I better understand myself, my life and why certain situations are recurring. I recommend Regresotherapy to everyone. It will benefit you in the short and especially the long term. After completion of the therapy, the feeling is indescribable. Literally, breathing easier and you feeling like you dropped a huge unnecessary burden. Your light shines brighter for you and all the people in the world. Healing ourselves and healing the world. Petra is a wonderful person, radiates warmth and love, and this is felt during the process. Do not you think that life is what happens to you. Life is the result of what we think and even more of what we feel. Free your mind and start living your life in unconditional love.

Thanks Petra!
See you!

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