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Women’s health

If you want to get to know yourself; your body and mind, and learn how to take care of your health in a holistic manner, you are in the right place!

žena u prirodi3A woman’s body is complex, wise and powerful, but in today’s modern world we are generally not aware of it. We have lost contact with ourselves, with our body, wisdom and intuition. Unfortunately, often only when the balance in the body gets completely disturbed and a disease appears, we become aware that we are (so much!) more than the armor we call our body. Too often we neglect ourselves, putting everyone before us–our children, partner, work, home. We forget that it is only if we take care of ourselves, that we can successfully take care of everyone else long term.

In Zivia Studio, we help you learn how to free some time for yourself and return to the state of balance and health. Whether through a yoga class a week, an occasional massage therapy or a workshop where you learn specific tools and techniques that will help you maintain your daily health, we are here for you.

ZIVIA - holistički centar zdravlja
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