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RadioniceDo you want to deepen your knowledge of aromatherapy, yoga and personal development? Do you want to make changes in your life, get closer to health, peace and fulfillment?

If the answer is yes – you are at the right place!

These workshops were created in response to the questions and needs of clients with whom we’ve have worked for years. Some of them have been following our advices for more than a decade and it has helped them walk through life with a smile on their face and stay healthy, fulfilled and happy.

Among many workshops that we teach the following are currently led in english:

Personal Change Intensive ”Creating Your new Self”

Personal Change Intensive ”Creating Your New Self” is a set of highly transformative workshops, great if you wish to learn about the power of the mind, thoughts and beliefs which create your life, get to know yourself better, figure out why some things keep happening to you (or not!), why you get sick, how to create harmonious relationships and attract abundance into your life – and how to change your life for the better, to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Transformative Weekend Retreat for Women – Rebirth of a Woman within

Transformative weekend retreat for women is a great opportunity to escape from everyday life and heal the woman within yourself under leadership of world renowned therapists and healing power of the sea, essential oils and female energy. This weekend is the perfect combination of enjoying the sea, sun, wellness, relaxation, company of other women and a deep dive within oneself with the intention of healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Procreation Vacation

Procreation Vacation is intended for couples who wish to prepare themselves for a healty pregnancy away from everyday stress.

Other workshops are here to give concrete instructions and tools – to help heal and change our lifes, learn how to nurture and heal in a natural way, and also take care of the children and the people close to us.

Join us, we look forward to seeing you!

ZIVIA - holistički centar zdravlja
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