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Personal Change Intensive – Create Your New Life!

Beginning of the new cycle: 12.04.2018.

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You’ve decided that you’ve had enough of the same old life, relationships, fatigue, disease, stress and not having abundance that you want?

You want to be healthy, happy, full of energy and enjoy harmonious relationships and abundance?


Join us and and learn tools and techniques how to empower yourself, free yourself of the past, maintain healthy state, create the life you want and fulfil your dreams!

These workshops have been, alongside all of the knowledge available to us so far, supplemented by the latest findings on body&mind medicine, quantum physics, epigenetics and neurology.


So, if you wish to get to know yourself, figure out why some things keep happening to you (or not!), why you get sick, how to create harmonious relationships and attract abundance into your life – and how to change your life for the better, to be happy, healthy and fulfilled – reserve your place now!

You’ll learn about the power of the mind, thoughts and beliefs which create your life. You will come to recognize the connection of your habits with your brain and how to change them. You will confront your emotions suppressed in your body and eliberate the body and life off all that is keeping you in the past.

You will learn the basics of quantum physics in order to understand the invisible field of energy which is hiding endless opportunities, realizing that the energy goes where we direct our attention thus create everything that is or isn’t happening in our lives. By using concrete tools, techniques and guidelines you shall feel the changes within your inner self which then manifest in all areas of your life.

Leader of the Instensive personal change „Create Your New Self“ is Petra Brzović, certified transpersonal hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and regression therapist. She is also Life Between Lives therapist (Newton Insitute), yoga teacher, Fertile Body Method therapist, aromatherapist and doula. Petra is a member of IACT – International Associtation of Counselors and Therapists.

Petra intensively holds individual and group therapies and workshops in Croatia and abroad, especially those intended to health, self esteem, partnership and emotions. Classes and workshops she teaches are a result of her long term experience in working as a therapist and yoga teacher – they represent a fusion of various healing techniques  which makes them unique, intuitive and eliberating.

Petra is following newest Body&mind medicine researches and discoveries and continuously working on her education at Michael Newton’s Institute and Dr. Joe Dispenza workshops.  She is actively involved in Body&mind conferences and trainings in Croatia and abroad, and has a privledge to assist Paul Aurand, Mht, the director of education in the Michael Newton Institute in training new therapists. All of her knowledge is being actively used in everyday work with her clients. She is also commitedly learning from Dr Joe Dispenza in the fields of mind&body medicine, quantum physics, epigenetics and neuroscience in order to help her clients to heal themselves, get well and change their lives in all areas.

Besides, Petra has underwent a long path of self-work herself, confronting her own weaknesses that have thus become her strengths, facing her illness and moving from a painful, dark and heavy end of spectrum towards abundance, love, joy and peace. She still continuoulsy learns about herself and works on herself, being grateful to all of her teachers, associates and students whom she shares her life path with.

About the Personal Change Intensive ”Create Your New Life”:


First workshop concerns the relation between our physical bodies and the circumstances we live in, our relationships, work, families as well as our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. During every next workshop we get to know our energetic centers deeper as well as the connection of every center with everything that is happening in our lives. We learn to recognize the patterns, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and traumas that weaken our bodies, but also to balance ourselves, make particular changes, heal and invigorate ourselves on physical, mental and emotional level in order to start living the life we want, one step at a time.


First energy center

First energy center is located in perineum area and is connected to the physical body through adrenal gland. Related disorders manifest in form of fear, insecurity, restlesness, anxiety, lack of organization, financial difficulties, over-thinness or obesity, lack of physical strength, „head in the clouds“, bone, teeth and leg problems, bowel and lower spine problems…

Second energy center

Second energy center is located in the area of lower abdomen and is connected to the physical body through ovaries and testicles. Related disorders manifest in problems regarding reproductive organs, spleen, urinary system, period, sexual disfunction, lower back pains, knees, hips, lack of flexibility, loss of appetite, sex drive, will to live, fear of change, hysteria, bipolar disorders, emotional dependency…

Third energy center

Third energy center is located in the area of upper stomack and is connected to the physical body through pancreas. Related disorders manifest in form of low self-esteem, poor self-discipline, poor digestion, blaming others, passivity, uncertainty, agression, dominance, yearning to be right at all times, outbursts of anger, stubbornness, eating disorders, diabetes, ulcer as well as stomach, pancreas, bile, liver disorders, etc.

Fourth energy center

Fourth energy center is located in the area of chest and is connected to the physical body through thymus and heart. Related disorders manifest as antisocial behaviour, reticence, inward and outward oriented criticism, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, narcissism, lack of empathy, jelaousy, sacrifice, heart, lungs and arm disorders, tension between shoulder blades, chest pains, asthma…

Fifth energy center

Fifth energy center is located in throat area and is connected to the physical body through thyroid gland. Related disorders manifest as fear of talking, weak voice, hardship in verbal expression of feelings, shame, (deaf-)muteness, emphasized talking, incapacity to listen, gossiping, neck problems, throat, ears, voice, jaw of thyroid problems, etc.

Sixth energy center

Sixth energy center is located in the area in the back of the head, above the neck and is connected to the physical body through pituitary gland. Related disorders manifest as poor visualization, poor memory, being unimaginative, denial, believing that there is only one that is right and true, hallucinating, obsession, concentration problems, nightmares, headaches, vision problems…

Seventh energy center

Seventh energy center is located in the area of the center of the top of the head and is connected to the physical body through pineal gland. Related disorders manifest as cinicysm towards spirituality, learning difficulties, apathy, materialism, greed, dependency on spirituality, confusion, body detachment, migraines,brain tumors…




Intensive personal change workshop „Create Your New Self“ is concieved as follows:

·         Eight workshops (one workshop per week)

·         Independent work with written materials, instructions and guidance

·         Recordings of guided meditations and visualizations for every day use at home


Aditionally, in cooperation with our partners we offer you discounts on products and services which you may choose as a support to your change:

·        Planetopija – books

·        Makronova – ecological and integral nutrition and lifestyle seminars

·      Mind Movies – the world’s number 1 visualisation tool

·        Thai centar Thalea – thai massage and treatments

·        Nutriforma – bio resonance and nutritional consultation

·        Zivia studio – yoga and indivudal consultation and therapies by Petra Brzović


·         Beginning of next Intensive is 12.04.2018.

·         Venue Makronova, Zagreb

·         Workshops are held on weekly basis, 1 workshop a week. Each of the eight consecutive workshops lasts for 3 hours.

·         Price of the whole workshop cycle is 6.000,00 HRK, including credit cards payment options

·         We give 20% discount for advance payment by 20.03. of full workshop cycle, resulting in price of 4.800,00 HRK for the whole cycle!

·         It is not possible to attend single workshops. Should you miss any of the workshops, you will get the materials of the workshop and you may repeat it with the next group.

·         Due to specific type of work the number of attendees is limited!

·         Sign up and reserve your place in time and change your life to what you want it to be!



Due to many requests we are currently organizing the Personal Change Intensive ”Create Your New Self” in form of retreats in other parts of the world. If you aren’t able to come to Zagreb, please contact us regarding holding the workshops in a city nearer to your residence.

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