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Balanced nutrition for increased fertility

hrana za plodnost2More than a quarter of couples have trouble conceivingdue to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Nutrition is an essential element on which we build health. A healthy and balanced diet is aprecondition for a healthy body, ensuring its proper functioning and hormonal balance.

A balanced diet means that every cell of the body is receiving an ideal amount of all the necessary nutrients for hormonal balance.

The first class includes a discussion of the most important links between diet and conception, about what to eat to achieve hormonal balance of the body and improve fertility and fertilization.

The topics are as follows:
  • The Importance of Diet for Hormonal Balance
  • ABCs of Nutrition – What Does Our Body Need
  • Reproductive Cells Health – “Cellular Nutrition”
  • Oxidative Stress and its Consequences
  • The Influence of Body Weight (TT – BF)
  • Vitamin – Mineral Balance of the Organism

Diet evaluation includes:

  • Measurement of Vitamin -Mineral Status of the Organism
  • Analysis of Body Weight (BW-BF)
  • Nutrition Questionnaire –Personal History
  • Analysis of the Parameters and Individual Consultations
  • Follow-Up – Monthly Check-Ups

Creating an individual dietplan is made at the request of the client.


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