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Zivia team of experts

  • Petra BrzovićPetra is a certified in many fields - she is certified transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist, regression and Past life regression therapist, Life between Lives therapist, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, Fertile Body Method therapist, prenatal yoga teacher and a doula. 
    Petra is also a member of IACT International Association of Counselors and Therapists

    She intensively holds individual and group therapies and workshops in Croatia and abroad, especially those intended to health, stress managment and life coaching, self esteem and self love, partnership and emotions.

    Classes and workshops she holds are a result of her long term experience in working as a therapist and yoga teacher – they represent a fusion of various healing techniques which makes them unique, intuitive and eliberating.

    Petra is following newest Body&mind medicine discoveries and with an international team of scientists she is running a research on brain, mind, body and soul connection, conciusness and healing.
    Petra teaches with Paul Aurand and Allison Axinn, members of educational board of The Michael Newton Institute ( and ) to whom she assists in educating other therapists in the world.
    She also follows and supports Dr. Joe Dispenza workshops.

    Thirteen years ago she fell in love with yoga, and completed training for yoga teachers with Marco and Sandra Bianco in NAVA, i.e. GAIA Yoga School, which is a member of the Yoga Alliance.

    She is a lecturer at and co-founder of the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, certified with Yoga Alliance. She trains continuously and runs classes and workshops with national and international teachers.

    This is a result of the extensive experience stemming from her work as a therapist and yoga teacher, so her workshops and classes are a blend of various healing techniques, which, in combination with her intuitive approach, offer a unique and liberating experience to every client.

    Petra keeps regular track of the latest research in the field of mind and body medicine, participates and lectures at conferences and training workshops both at home and abroad, implementing all the newly acquired knowledge in her work with clients. She has had the honor of studying with Paul Aurand, Education Director at the Michael Newton Institute, honored as the Therapist of the Year and Hypnotherapist of the Year to whom she also assists in training other therapists.

    Also, Petra is devotedly learning from Dr Joe Dispenza in the field of mind&body medicine, neurology, neuroscience, brain function, qantum physics, epigenetics and neuroplasticity so she can help her clients to heal and transform in every way on all levels.

    Using hypnotherapy and other body & mind methods, Petra is committed to helping clients who have experienced some kind of trauma and suffer from fears, phobias and anxiety.

    Thanks to the extraordinary techniques that help make us aware of the wisdom of the body, Petra is also helping people who are suffering from a chronic or acute diseases, in order to get answers to the question of why the disease emerged in the first place so that they can heal on all levels.

    Today her biggest passion is working with Souls through Life between Lives sessions that bring deep healing and understanding to her clients.

    Individual and group work helps clients recognize the power to heal at the deepest level and make the changes they want to make in order to live happy, healthy and free.

    In cooperation with top experts in the field of gynecology, nutrition, acupuncture, psychology and holistic therapy, she also does support programs for couples wanting to get pregnant, especially those experiencing infertility. As a Fertile Body Method therapist, she helps them cope with the problem of infertility, prepare them for assisted conception treatments, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Over the years she evolved a special blend of methods that she uses in preparing women for childbirth in general and especially after a previous traumatic experience, or in the case of specific uncertainties and fears, so that they face this major life change filled with peace and faith in their innate abilities.


  • 10690196_10152688876556544_414234707314696755_n (5)Susana is a Master of Science in Nutrition and the director of Nutrivita. She graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb.

    She began her career at the University Hospital Dubrava, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics as a clinical nutritionist. She wanted to applythe many years of clinical experience in her private practice so in 2005, she founded one of the first private nutritional therapy clinics in Croatia,offering only an exclusively individualized approach. Since then, she has worked on various projects to promote proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

    She organizes training programs, provides expert opinion and reviews and is a frequent guest on radio and television shows. When developing new products, food and pharmaceutical companies hire her for consultation purposes. Drawing on this experience, Suzana quickly realized that there existed a need for professional nutritional marketing in Croatia, so Nutrivita got another area of activity that allows her creativity to blossom, providing an additional challenge.

    Suzana is the mother of two children. She loves a good book, hiking and traveling.

  • ulla martonUlla is a doctor, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. In 2009 she was awarded the title of primarius and subspecialist of human reproduction and gynecological endocrinology. She is a member of the team at the Dr. Marton Polyclinic, Zagreb.

    During her training to become a gynecologists and obstetricians,she worked at the Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Academic Hospital Rotterdam Dijikzigt, Netherlands, St. Bartholomey Hospital, London, England.

    After becoming a gynecologist and obstetrician, she continued her lifelong education at the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endocrinology at General Hospital Maribor, Slovenia, and enrolled into the 1st category postgraduate course Human Reproduction and Gynecological Endocrinology and Cervical Vaginal Colposcopy, Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

    She is the author of 23 scientific publications and 11 chapters in scientific books. She actively participates in international and national congresses and courses for continuous education of doctors specialists.

    She revised the books on women's health by Christiane Northrup Women’s Body, Women's Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, Mothers and Daughters and The Secret Pleasures of Menopause.

    From 1993 to 2004 she taught at the postgraduate program Ultrasound in Clinical Medicine, course Gynecology and Obstetrics, as well as the postgraduate course for the continuous training of doctors Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    She puts a special emphasis on continuous education and holistic approach to each patient.

  • Liona BrzovićLiona is the owner and head of the holistic center for Thai treatments - Thai Center Thalea and first Croatian Fertility massage therapist.

    Upon the completion of the Faculty of Economics, she joined the family company Leone Cosmetics where she launched cosmetics production and successfully led a beauty center for twenty years.

    On one of her trips to Thailand, she was introduced to the holistic techniques of Thai massages and treatments. Thrilled with how effective they are, after returning to Zagreb, four years ago, she opened Thai Center Thalea – a holistic center for Thai treatments.

    To become Fertility massage therapist she was trained in Ireland. Fertility Massage Therapy™ is a nourishing blend of modalities, that when combined, brings harmony and balance to the reproductive, digestive & sacral areas. On a much deeper and probably more important level, this unique therapy re-awakens and re-connects women to their bodies, especially their womb. With each element nurtured, Fertility is enhanced. Among working with women who are getting ready for natural or assisted pregnancy, Liona treats women who are having problems with reproductive system, digestion and also with women who gave birth to help them bring uterus and all organs back in place.

    Liona is the proud mother of three adult sons.

  • Zrinka OreškovićZrinka je doktor medicine, magistar antropoloških znanosti i licencirani akupunkturolog.

    Liječnica je specijalista anesteziolog, zaposlena u KBC Zagreb zadnjih desetak godina gdje je fokusirana na regionalnu anesteziju i liječenje boli. Prije četiri godine započinje se baviti akupunkturom te završava jednogodišnje školovanje akupunkture za liječnike pri Hrvatskom društvu za akupunkturu Hrvatskog liječničkog zbora te stječe diplomu licenciranog akupunkturologa. Nakon toga se kontinuirano bavi akupunkturom i tretira razna stanja i poremećaje.

    Specifično područje njenog interesa je tretiranje poremećaja plodnosti, suportivna metoda potpomognute oplodnje, održavanje trudnoće nakon potpomognute oplodnje te rješavanje određenih problema tijekom trudnoće (suzbijanje mučnine i povraćanja, sprečavanje krvarenja, okretanje čeda iz položaju na zadak, priprema za porod...).

    U sklopu Zivia studia radi s trudnicama i parovima koji prolaze proces potpomognute oplodnje.

  • Nastasja Chiara petrićNastasja se profesionalno bavi kuhanjem, nakon što je na trećoj godini Učiteljskog fakulteta shvatila da je kuhanje njen pravi poziv.

    Nakon televizijskog showa Masterchef te snimljene kuharske emisije za slastice "Slatki Božić", svoju karijeru je započela kao sous chef u hvarskom restoranu diVino gdje je provela tri godine.

    Uz završenu kuharsku školu, iskustvo je stjecala u zagrebačkom restoranu Prasac, te višestruko nagrađivanom restoranu Bistro Apetit. Sudjelovala je u izradi kuharice poznatog chefa C. Cabaliera koja je 2015. proglašena najboljom profesionalnom kuharicom u Hrvatskoj prema prestižnom Gourmand World Cookbook Awards izboru. Održavala je i dječje kuharske radionice za koje je također izrađena mini kuharica Male škole kuhanja, te i sama svoje iskustvo širi kroz razne tečajeve kuhanja.

    Posebnu pažnju je posvetila zdravoj prehrani tokom obje trudnoće, pa trenutno najviše testira i proučava kako koja namirnica djeluje na drugo stanje, te koje su najbolje zamjene i prilagodbe kroz prehranu u trudnoći.

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