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Yoga, meditation, visualization

Yoga has a beneficial effect on the reproductive health of women who want to conceive, given that, among other things, it tones and strengthens the muscles that support the reproductive organs and improves the posture of the spine as well as the quality of breathing. It enables better circulation, including that in the sacral and lumbar area, the pelvic floor and the organs located there. For women who use drugs, proper breathing also helps the body rid itself of the toxic effects of drugs.

On the energy plan, certain yoga positions further increase the flow of energy through the second chakra area where the reproductive organs are. They help relieve tension in the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes in women and in the pelvic area in men.

In addition, yoga helps to balance the unbalanced hormone levels in the body, which may be one of the causes of infertility.

While vigorous exercise can seriously affect fertility, yoga, a gentle form of exercise, brings only benefits.

Stress can significantly affect the menstrual cycle in women and the production of sperm in men. The emotional benefits of yoga reduce stress and anxiety, increasing the chances of conception. Yoga helps the body deal with stress that inevitably occurs when a woman fails to get pregnant or to keep the pregnancy. More emotions of endless pain and sadness, together with feelings of helplessness and anger, brings much stress on the physical level, weakening the immune system and creating an hostile environment for the adoption of new life. Thanks to a combination of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, the body rids itself of toxins and reduces the negative impact of stress on the whole system.

Through yoga, we get to know our body in a new way – our body becomes our ally and friend rather than a source of let-down, as many women often feel after repeatedly failing to conceive.



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