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aromateka aromaterapijaAromatherapy is a holistic method of complementary treatment (holism= totality). It treats man as a whole being, providing care on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A holistic approach to health is concerned with all four levels of the human being and the goal is to strike a balance between these levels and skillfully maintain them.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils as a scent and a medicine. Essential oils are readily volatile, non-greasy substances of intense aroma; highly concentrated extracts of herbs. Essential oils are the “soul” of the plant; they are the most concentrated form of the spiritual and healing powers of plants, which is a synergy of sun, water, earth and air that ensure a healthy life for any plant.

The effect of each individual essential oil depends on the combination and quantities of different compounds in its composition.

Thanks to the spread of knowledge and awareness about the unity of body and spirit, over the last few decades, essential oils gained strength and importance once again, especially in the increased efforts to enter the process of treatment using natural resources that do not cause adverse effects.

Aromatherapy is in many cases an exceptional alternative to more aggressive therapies which is especially important before, during and after the birth.
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