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Massage and treatments

Weather you want to relax, renew, clean your body and mind from toxins or you have some health problems we offer you individualized treatments and massage therapies tailored by your needs.
Among Aromatherapy massage treatments we offer specialized massage for fertility, prenatal and post natal massage.


Massage for fertility is a complex form of massage that involves more beneficial massage techniques. Thanks to the synergy of various Oriental massage techniques, this body massage ensures a sense of deep relaxation and peace, regulates hormone production and improves circulation, especially in pelvis and back area. Special massage movements relax muscles and joints, cleanse the lymph and help the body rid itself of toxins (including those caused by drug treatments). Massage helps to remove the effects of stress on the physical, emotional and mental level.


Pregnancy is a special time for every woman, and every woman experiences it in a unique way. Many women suffer from pain, stiffness, excess fluid retention, fatigue and exhaustion during pregnancy and prenatal massage helps to remove any discomfort that pregnancy can bring.

Benefits of prenatal massage:

  • emotional support
  • relaxation, help with insomnia and releasing of accumulated tension
  • reduction pressure on the body parts that are most loaded, such as the shoulders, lower back and pelvis
  • assistance in maintaining proper posture
  • helping prepare the muscles needed for childbirth
  • reduction of swelling of hands and feet
  • prevention of calf cramps
  • release of headache
  • relief from muscle spasms, pain in the back, neck, hips and legs
  • improving blood circulation and lymph flow; reducing swelling
  • increasing skin flexibility and reducing the possibility of stretch marks

Postnatal massage is specially designed for mothers after childbirth. It affects all levels of being, restores balance, helps the body let go of tension and relax. In addition, postnatal massage regenerates the skin, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, restores muscle strength, makes joints more flexible, strengthens the immune system and improves the body’s resistance. Selected essential oils act where you currently need aid, helping to remove blockages, relax and strengthen spirit and body, and bring serenity and stability.

All massages are held in sister firm Thai Centar Thalea, Zagreb’s Thai Massage Center, by certified therapists. Their team of experts is dedicated to mastering pain and creating the highest level of relaxation. All our clients, especially pregnant women, are very content with their kind and professional service, adapted to their needs.

It is located in the center of Zagreb and there is also a great opportunity to buy a gift card and to have a massage with your partner or girlfriend! Enjoy!

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Location and contact:  Bogovićeva 7/3 , 01/5525 453

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