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Transpersonal and Clinical Hypnotherapy

petra studio073Transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapy is a therapy that helps to quickly and accurately get to the cause of habits, fears, phobias, anxieties and beliefs that we carry in life and that prevent us from realizing our full potential. It also helps us find the causes of various imbalances in our body very quickly, pointing to diseases and conditions that prevent us from living a happy, healthy and free life.
By working with experienced therapist, we clearly see the patterns that we then change, let go, accept, forgive … in line with what we want to achieve.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy provides an opportunity for effective and rapid changes through guided, personalized treatment. During this treatment, a person is fully aware and in control, and the body reaches a state of deep relaxation and safety.

The purpose of my work with you is to teach you how to be an absolutely independent, strong, calm, happy, confident and healthy person who is able and willing to face all that your life brings and eventually create everything in your life, aware of the power of your mind and equipped with tools and techniques that you will be able to use in any life situation.

If you want to overcome health problems you have an emotional trauma that you experienced, or other personal problems, contact us with confidence.


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