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Preparing for Childbirth

Priprema za porođajPregnancy is a completely new state for every woman. There are many changes, not only because of the influence of hormones, but also because we are more intuitive at that time, more sensitive, and we face a lot of things which we didn’t want or couldn’t face up to now.

As pregnancy is a time when we become aware that it is no longer “just us”, but that we are carrying a human being that we are already responsible for, and particularly so once it gets born – with happiness and joy we often feel fear and uncertainty– we keep asking questions which we are trying to find answers to – and often in this pursuit we get even more mad and scared, we forget that a mother’s power and wisdom is already in us.

At that time, it is good to have the support and guidance of an expert who we can facilitate pregnancy, help you rid yourself of your fears and find strength and peace required for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Zivia method that can help and that has been successfully used in the work with pregnant women, helping them to get strong during their pregnancy, possibly resolve some old, tucked away traumas and fears and prepare them for childbirth and motherhood.

Experience has taught me that every pregnant woman has at least something that she is uncertain or troubled about, at least something that makes her question herself, her past life, her views and beliefs, readiness for giving birth and being a mother.

If you accept pregnancy as a great gift, a chance to get to know yourself as a woman, you can really transform yourself into a confident, calm and wise person who is reconciled with her past and is looking forward to its present and future.

During pregnancy we often become aware of our weaknesses and fears, or something unresolved from the past, calling for a confrontation and resolution. Because our lives are hectic or because we don’t like to face painful situations – we tend to “push under the rug” (this rug is actually us – our bodies and our subconscious minds) all that worries us, makes us sad, angry, bitter, disillusioned, frightened. We try to live as if nothing happened. Until we become pregnant.

Priprema za porođajDuring pregnancy everything comes to the surface. This is a key moment. We then choose whether to face it and do everything in our power to ensure a peaceful future for us and our child, or whether to continue living by pushing things under the rug, which basically means dealing with disease during pregnancy. Disease mostly occurs on a psychosomatic basis, as do complications in childbirth. This is because we go into labor unprepared and terrified, and every so often we have flashes of anger and sadness, both during pregnancy and after birth, as mothers and women, with all the other roles we are skillfully trying to juggle.

Depending on her wishes and needs, a pregnant woman can combine a variety of our services. Some pregnant women only come to Prenatal Yoga classes, where they learn to breathe properly, exercise and use visualization. These classes are great because they allow pregnant women to connect with one another, get answers to all the questions they have, strengthen their body and mind.

Priprema za porođaj - doulaSome pregnant women choose to come only for individual or group preparations or sessions where we specifically work on everything that makes them insecure – whether it’s the fear of birth-pain or some other fear related to childbirth, doubt about whether they will be a good mother orwhether they will be able to juggle other roles with motherhood.

Women choose to come for an individual session to solve repressed memories of a difficult childhood, abuse or other traumatic events in their lives…

I also teach women how to use self-hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth.

Some pregnant women choose to attend Prenatal Yoga classes and individual preparations, and often ask me to be their doula so we are together throughout their pregnancy, during childbirth and in the first days after it. In any case, I feel happy and blessed with this calling because as much as I learn, help and enrich the life of women and their babies so much they enrich mine. On a daily basis, they always only remind me what we all intuitively know – that we are strong and wise, but when we choose to believe it.



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