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Testimonials: create your new self – advanced Intensive weekend workshop

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Intensive weekend indeed!

Weekend full of positive charge, amazing experiences.

I had doubted myself - after this weekend I don't have any doubt left! I got a big conformation that I can do it and that I will succeed!

A big thank you to Petra for helping people learn how to dive into themselves and get to know their true selves!

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No matter whether you think you're really doing a great job with the work on yourself or you think you're a bit off the course, Petra's intensive workshop will help you disassemble, clean and grease your gears and put them in the place where they really fit. Not only that, but the experience of working in group, mutual support and experience of sharing perspectives of others being in different stages of the work on themselves additionally enriches the whole process.

One of the highlights was a group's coherence achieved right at the beginning and more to that the way Petra directed the workshop towards our creaking parts. I successfully identified my creaking gear, greased it up, ready to continue my journey with a new knowledge.

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This workshop is a delightful and intense journey with Petra as your guide. She is experienced, gentle, gives you security and consideration. She took me to all kind of beautiful places where I would never go on my own. She led me to hidden parts inside of me, where I have found new paths and shortcuts towards the things I really need and want.
I would do it again. I would repeat this journey with Petra again and again...and again :)

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