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  • Testimonials: infinite lives – infinite possiblilities – embark your soul and live your purpose

Testimonials: infinite lives – infinite possiblilities – embark your soul and live your purpose

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Free in love.

Dear Petra, you entered into my life and sprinkle it with the flowers.
Throughout your Regression Workshop, my life unwound and turned all over in a just two days.
Leading not only me, but all the other beautiful people through those days, you helped us to awake our minds, souls towards a completely new spiritual, energetic level, so much that I only have words of gratefulness and love.
Turning through all the stages of my life, I saw moments I was not aware of, and my sadness completely suppressed and deminished them.
You've helped me deal with my life blockages in such a wonderful way, that I really feel free like a bird;
trough the smiles and tears, you helped me to break the wall, I sometimes thought was impossible.
Leading me trough this life and the previous one, you opened my eyes, brought relief and moved long lived burden from my heart.
Why free, free in love? ... because you helped to recognize that love is my middle name, that my soul has chosen the body of this life to absorb love, learn in love, and be love. You helped me to see I shouldn't hide this name of love or embarrass it, but to embrace it warmly with love. You helped to recognise what it means not to only love others, but primarily to love myself so that I could share it unselfishly, understand it and live my life through it.

You illuminated my path in a such beautiful ways, warm ways, without condemning ... you have recognized in me that wonderful world. Full gratitude with all my heart for you.

You are an angel, and I'll carry you in my heart through all my further worldly paths
Thank you, you beautiful soul!

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Dear Petra!
Thank you so much for your effort, patience and guidance on this fascinating and unforgettable 2-day journey into vastness of our forgotten past!
This seminar contributed to recalling of some of the suppressed events, forgotten desires and discovering the purpose of our existence.
But, of course, only for those who are ready to accept those insights and everything that comes along...

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I enjoyed a wonderful journey through time thanks to dear Petra. Priceless pleasure that I recommend you with all my heart!

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During each private and group work with Petra, I remain speechless because it was challenging to choose the right words to describe the exact experience and the results of the entire sessions. Her methods of work are so gentle, empathic, relaxing and, on the other hand, so thorough, accurate and revealing. Stunning expertise!
I went to the workshop without much anticipation, only with the desire to better understand myself, how I react and how to deal with some life challenges, especially those repeating over and over again. After two days of workshop I did not pick up all the knowledge of the world or colossal doctrines - even better! I came back home with a sigh of bliss and grateful for the experience that changed my perception of my own life and enriched me with the friendships that leave a mark for eternity. More than a finding of sense - invaluable.

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