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Testimonials: Create magic in your life – 30 day online course


After intensive weekend with Petra, it was naturally for me to proceed with online workshop. It has forced me, on a very gentle way, to pursue with intense rethinking and analyzing my behavior patterns and gave me a chance to reshape them. In the same time, I succeeded in my meditation discipline. Now meditations are something I am looking forward to, something I do often and even couple of times on a daily bases. Now I think I will never give them up! During the workshop, you can share all your doubts with the group and with Petra, who is always available.
Changes and nice things began to happen to me and I know I have initiated them with patience and techniques learned from Petra!

Petra, big thank you!


I recommend online workshop for all who feel it is time to sort out something in their life, to make a change, to find out a bit more about themselves, to get into what they have felt for a long time but have not dealt with just yet. It is especially great for those who can not physically attend the workshops. There are no more excuses with this workshop. Everything is served on the tray: daily instructions, motivational messages, meditations, homework, and full-time support from the leader as well as all members of the group through Facebook.
30 intensive days create a base and serve as an example of how we should always live: conscious, strong, uncompromising ... so every moment, every situation and emotion may serve as a stairway in our self - knowledge and of our true path in this Life.
Thank you Petra for this wonderful experience!


This is the best self-growth course in Croatia. I claim that based on my 4 years intensive education explorement, due to my personal growth career development. This course is unique. It is perfectly adapted to your daily schedule because you don't have to physically be somewhere, you get all directions online. The fact it is held online doesn't affect your benefits. Just the opposite, this is a military drill! You learn the discipline and make new healthy habits in 30 days. There is no chance you get out of this without a change! The course is modern, comprehensive, radical and fun. In one month I did things I set back for months or I believed they are impossible...The concept is great: every day is a new shift and a surprise! Be aware; this is only for the bold ones who really care for their self -work!

Martina, 35


The online course with Petra opened me up to new levels of understanding, appreciating and enjoying life as a whole. It’s not my first course or encounter with her work, still, she manages to amaze me each and every time. This time, I found myself able to focus, enjoy and cherish a single thought/feeling/emotion throughout the whole day. One task each day, one focus and indeed a challenge for the busy multitasking lifestyle I’ve been living. In fact, I felt it almost like a game - full of surprises and joy, or like a great book revealing that unexpected, yet so deep and simple truth.

Her dedication to each and every one of us is felt even via the digital world, regardless of the time and space that separates us.

It was neatly programmed yet spontaneous and adaptive to the group. The tasks, meditations and the complete energy of the group, guided by her vision and trust, kept rising during the entire length of the course. In fact, I had often a hard time believing it was an “online” program, for so close I felt the people involved and so present Petras energy in all of it. By the time it ended, we became all as close, as open and as joyful as longtime friends.

Now, almost two weeks later, I’m breathing lighter, fuller; walking steadier and looking further; feeling like a lifetime passed in just a single month... and dreaming how many more are there still to be lived :).


This self exploring online bootcamp led by Petra will make sure you adopt at least few of the many helpful and healthy practices into your daily routine.
The program will gradually lead you into a process of building healthy habits that will definitely change yours and the lives of those that surround you.
I personally enjoyed watching the mutual support of the group members, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to witness personal growths of all group members because we really need others to experience authentic growth.
One thing is for sure, you won't end this journey as the same person who started it. Just trust yourself, trust the universe and dare to make the first step.

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